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It is Different A Self-managed super fund (SMSF) is different to what are widely known industry and retail super funds. The money contributed by you and you can chosse the investments and the insurance. This article provide some basic knowledge of SMSF.   Types of SMSFs: (a) Single member SMSFs, and (b) SMSFs other than [...]

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Managing contributions amounts that are greater than the non-concessional cap

Restrictions on non-concessional contributions can mean that a member who has funds in excess of the non-concessional cap (for example through inheritance, bonuses, the sale of a house etc) may be restricted in their planning. One way an individual can work with the cap on non-concessional contributions may be to invest jointly with a SMSF [...]

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SMSF Trustee administrative penalties from 1 July 2013

A person will be liable to an administrative penalty if certain provisions of the Act are contravened in relation to an SMSF. The amount of the penalty is an amount specified in the table below with penalty unit being equivalent to $170. The administrative penalty can be imposed on either: – Trustee of an SMSF [...]

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Benefit payments from SMSF

The common popular pension for a SMSF nowadays is account based pension. Generally speaking all pensions that commence after 19 September 207 must meet the minimum pension standards. Please contact Superfund Works for information on other types of pension. What are the minimum pension standards? The minimum standards mean that the super pensions you pay [...]

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